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AdventureGuard™ High Wall Mats

Based on Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan) approved guidelines. Refer to NRCan’s Fuel Consumption Guide available at for more information. Full battery charge and ideal conditions are required. Figures will vary based, amongst others and non-exclusively, on driving and charging habits, speed, accessory use, weather and temperature, battery age, vehicle condition, road condition and other factors. In sub ideal conditions, figures may worsen by more than 50%. Battery capacity decreases with time and use which will further reduce range. See the owner’s manual or NRCan’s Fuel Consumption Guide for details.

A shot of the driver side AdventureGuard floor mat with the text “New! AdventureGuard™ High Wall Mats Adventure-Tested Protection

Have bigger, messier adventures—without the mess inside

Exciting news from the world of Subaru genuine accessories! The research and development team have responded to your requests for better, tougher, higher floor mats for the 2023-24 Subaru Outback with the AdventureGuardTM High Wall Mats. The brand-new AdventureGuard High Wall Mats offer better all-around performance and are fully compatible with all versions of the 2023-24 Outback including the Outback WildernessTM. They’re engineered to capture more water, mud, snow, sand, slush, ice and salt, keeping your passenger compartment looking, feeling and smelling like new. The higher-walled design, sturdy construction and custom fit are adventure-tested to ensure that these floor mats offer the ultimate in all-weather protection and performance.

Fits like a custom glove

Designed specifically for the 2023-24 Subaru Outback, these higher-walled all-weather floor mats fit to a tee. This means they’re better suited to protecting the interior of your new Outback, regardless of the weather conditions. Don’t take a chance with off-the-shelf floor mats when you can have a custom-fitted set with better performance.

Superior design, optimum coverage

The design of the AdventureGuard High Wall Mats is what makes them the better choice. The high walls prevent moisture or muck from making contact with the door jams. The solid construction ensures they retain their shape for years to come. And the non-slip material helps keep the point of contact between the pedals and your feet both confidence-inspiring and comfortable.

High performance, low maintenance cleaning

While the AdventureGuard High Wall Mats work hard to keep you and your Outback clean, they demand very little in return. When it comes time to clear out all the dirt, grime, or gunk, simply remove the mats and shake them off or just hose them down. Simple—and simple is brilliant.

Engineered to go the distance

Just like the 2023-24 Subaru Outback line-up, the AdventureGuard High Wall Mats are engineered to a higher standard and constructed to stand the test of time. The materials used can withstand harsh treatment from the likes of oil, brake fluid and grease. engineered with the highest-quality materials, these floor mats are tough enough to endure the rigours of a truly adventurous lifestyle.